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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Just so you know, I have been trying to post this entry for the past 5 days. So, this was written last Wednesday!
AHHHHHHHHHHH! Clay broke my Aiken breakin' heart. I wish Clay won American Idol, but best of luck to Ruben! Crazy how only 1,335 votes separated Clay and Ruben out of the 24 million who voted. Whoa! I've never seen a race so close. I love ya, Clay!

On to a different note... For those of you that don't know, my Grandpa died on May 15th. He was the victum of a car accident. But, during the last week, God totally had his hand on our whole family, everything just fell into perfect place. I flew up to Minnesota with my family for the funeral. I got to see all my cousins and aunts and uncles. It was so beautiful. My cousins are gorgeous. Lacey, the oldest grandchild, gave a lovely speech in honor of grandpa at the memorial. The bombshell blonde started by telling one of my grandpa's jokes: "How many blonde jokes are there? Only 1 because the rest are all true." Here is another of my grandpa's jokes: "What's the difference between a duck? One of its legs is both the same." Yep, that is my grandpa. He was on his way up north to go fishing before he died. As my aunt Rhonda said, "He just went a little farther North than we expected." So, now he is hanging out with Jesus in Heaven, fishing in the crystal clear lake, if there is one up there. :-) Please pray for my family as we come to terms with my Grandfather's death.

Before I went up to Minnesota, I had the chance to visit the hottest guy in Houston. I went fishing with Kevin and his Dad on Sunday. I dedicated my day on the Gulf to my Grandpa. Kevin's dad said he was watching over us when I caught 48 lbs. of fish! A 16 lb. stingray and a 32 lb. black drum fish. The stingray took 45 min. to reel in and the black drum took close to an hour. All 3 of us took turns. Now I understand why they call fishing a sport.

One Day is only 4 days away! 40,000+ college-aged students gathering not to drink, or to "party" or to get nasty on a beach in Cancun, but to honor and glorify God and to prepare ourselves to serve the world in which we live. Whoop! Enjoy the rest of the week!