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Monday, July 21, 2003

Whew! Crazy how time flys when you paint the house. I just finished painting my parent's room; it is massive! Well, I lied, but not about the massiveness. I'm about 90% finished painting. I still need to go over a few nooks and crannys. My fingers hurt, my neck is sore and I have more paint on my skin than there was left on the brush. It is almost 3:30, which means time for lunch! No fear, I had breakfast at noonish. Ahhh, those lazy summer mornings. I'll miss them as soon as I get to school.

On a more crazy note, I lost my purse yesterday. Not a good thing. I just finished teaching Sunday School to the Jr. High at 11:00 when I started looking for it. It was not in the Youth Rec or my classroom or anything. I told my mom and she helped me look. After a while I said I probably left it at home, since I was in a rush in the morning. So, after church we went out to eat. When we got home, the purse was no where to be seen! After a few frantic minutes of my mom, sis and I looking around the house for it, we piled back in the car to look at church again. I brought the church phone directory with me so I could call the Permenter's, the Sr. High was having a pool party and I wanted to tell them that I would be late. Since the cell phone was in my purse, we stopped at a bowling alley to use the pay phone. After calling the Permenters, we called about 5 people to find someone who might have keys to the church. No one answered. Finally we called the pastor who told us to call this guy named Cal. We did, and Cal met us at the front of the church and let us in! Yippee! He helped us look and ereka! I found the blasted thing underneath a pillow in the Youth Rec. My mom was so excited that she gave Cal a big hug. I think she may have even kissed him! Happy days.

I'm glad I found it because I had John's keys in my purse! John is our Youth Minister and he gave me his keys while he is out of town on a mission trip in Honduras. The keys open up various rooms of the church. That would have been a disaster!

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