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Saturday, August 30, 2003

haha! I am back home in Aggieland FINALLY! But, I am already missing Jamba Juice. Hey Kevin, wanna bring some from Austin for me? :-)

I went to my first Midnight Yell practice of the year last night! Ahhhh... New Yell Leaders, new football coach, Revellie barking her head off, Corps boys, new yells, finding random friends in the crowd... You'd think that since A&M is so huge, that you wouldn't run into many people you know. Haha. At midnight yell, a girl in my sorority was standing about 2 rows in front of me. She is so awesome! Megan is the loudest person you'll ever meet and has a beautiful faith in the Lord. She is a senior this year! Crazy! Then, 2 rows behind me was Lisa; a friend who lived in my dorm from last year.

Oh, here is a fun story for you. So, I walk around campus with my friend Lauren yesterday so we can find all our classes for Monday. We get hungry and eat lunch in the 12th Man cafeteria in the MSC(our version of a student union). She runs into a girl she went to highschool with(Sarah) who was with a friend who went to Grapevine High School! Sherry Bullock! So, we all eat lunch together. It was cool because Sherry and I never hung out in high school. Different social circles, I guess. But, I always liked Sherry. She is a cool girl. For all you G-vine people reading this, yes, Sherry is still with Matt Mumm and Matt is doing great in the Air Force! Ok. After lunch we're hanging in the MSC when a Corps guy and his friend walks up to us. He introduces himself and I'm thinking he is going to try and sell us something because we were standing in the part of the MSC where people set up booths to sell stuff. After introductions have been made he looks at Sarah and says, "I'm a junior in the corps and I need a date to yell practice. Will you go with me?" All of us just looked at her in shock! She lied that she already had a date, but she ended up giving the guy her number. Crazy. I wonder how it went? I've never had a date with a guy to Yell Practice. :-( Eventually I will!