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Friday, September 05, 2003

Put on your dancing shoes

I went out dancing for the first time ever last night! It was so much fun!!!! I loved it. I went with some girls in my sorority. The place is called the Hall. It was packed last night. Mostly because yesterday a bunch of seniors got their aggie rings. A tradition at A&M is "dunking your ring" in a glass of alchohol and drinking to the bottom to get your ring back. That is good and all, but I will be dunking my ring in icecream! That is what the non-drinkers do. :-D Anyway. That random guy from my last blog was at the Hall. Crazy coincidence. He asked me to dance, and we did, but I wasn't very good because he was so tall! Every guy has a different way to 2 step. We had to keep starting over so we could get back in step with each other. Poor guy. It didn't help that the dance floor was crazy packed, either. We were baby 2 stepping. :-) That is all for now. BTHO Utah! (Aggie shorthand for beat the hell out of Utah) We play against them in football tomorrow.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Remember the jumping in fountains story? Well, we had a reprise last night. Janet and I were bored, so we stole, I mean, borrowed her roommate's remote controlled car. We drove it around in the hallway, great fun! But, soon it wasn't fun enough, so we took it outside. We drove it on the sidewalk. We even made it drive through the puddles. (It rained the whole day) Some random guy comes up to us and decides he wants to play with our car. He does. Car eventually gets tired and stops. We spot these huge carts and decide to push each other around in them. Much fun! It is like a roller coaster! Janet pushes me, I push Janet, random guy pushes me, Janet and I push random guy. We find some huge puddles. Splash away! Random guy splashes me, I splash random guy, I splash Janet, Janet hides and splashes us back. we all get crazy wet. Janet sits in big puddle. Then, Janet and I go home for our floor meeting and sit in the room while wet and cold. Random guy says goodbye. Fun night for all.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Do I write too much? Is that why no one comments? Is it because my posts are too long? let me know and I'll see what I can do. Seriously.

Love ya! Happy 2nd day of classes if you go to A&M! WHOOP!

Monday, September 01, 2003

Oops, didn't mean to post a blank blog

Ah, the first day of school. Yay! I have awesome classes. My first is Oceanography. The teacher is hilarious. She said she has been teaching at A&M since the biblical flood. That class will be a sinch. We take group quizzes! And, we get to drop 2 of them. She said that if we want to go home early one day, or just not show up, then you can drop that quiz grade! Sweetness. She definitely understands the college student's mind, even though she is as old as Noah.

Next was history. I was late, so I had to sit in the back of a 500+ class of kids. Our professor is hilarious! He was like a stand-up comedian. He told jokes about teaching in Japan. Every time he walked into class, the students giggled. Finally, he asked one of the students why they giggled everytime he walked in. He said, "Because we know you went out drinking the night before class!" Our prof looks really tan and has a red face. So, I guess those Asians thought he was hung over all the time! Our prof has been to all 50 states, 58 countries, and has taught in 5 countries. He looks like he is only about 35 yrs. old. From the last row, he looks pretty hot.

My last class was self defense. I didn't try and find the classroom before school started, because I already knew where the building was. But, I got lost. I couldn't find room 260. So, I stop to read this sign about where the room is when this guy opens the door and says, "Can I help you find something?" "Yeah, room 260." "Oh, I'm on my way over there. I'll show you." I introduce myself, and so does he. His name is Tim. After many twists and turns of the halls, we get to 260. He unlocks the door, and starts to hand out the syllabus. He is my teacher!

Oh yeah, after my Ocean class, this girl walks up to me and tells me, "Hey, you look really familiar. What elementary school did you go to?" I said, "No way!" Turns out she was in my 3rd grade class. Whoa. What a memory. I guess I haven't changed much since then. :-)

Swimming in Fountains

Hmm, I kind of like making titles for my stories. This is a good one. Better than the smoking fridge. Sunday morning I went to church with Melanie(my roomie), Janet and Beka. It was cloudy outside, but I didn't bring my umbrella. You'd think I'd learn to always have one on me by now, it is constantly threatening to rain here in C. S.! After church, Janet and I ate lunch at Sbisa, the best cafeteria on campus. By the time we left, it was pouring outside! Since our dorm is just across the street from Sbisa, I told Janet we should take off our sandles and just make a run for it. 1/2 way to Legett Janet said, "Stop!" Then spreading her arms our towards the sky she goes, "Enjoy it!" So, we slowly walked the rest of the way to our dorm. Since the rain felt so good, we decided to drop off our things and take a walk around campus. We played with the Sully statue in front of the Academic Building. Students put pennies up on it for good luck before a test. We made towers with the pennies! After that we walked towards the MSC. There is a huge fountain in front of the MSC. Janet said, "Let's go jump in it!" So, we did! My full length denim skirt definitely drank up a ton of water. We put our heads and our hands in the fountain and swam around. We even raced across it, but I lost! After a while Janet said, "Let's go jump in all the fountains of campus!" Sounded like a good idea. On towards the H2O fountain in front of the Chem building. That was the best! We stayed in that one a long time. The water was deep, up to my mid-thighs. We did cannon balls and dives. Lastly, we jumped into fish pond. That one is right outside our dorm. Some guy walked by who was also enjoying the rain and cheered us on for jumping in. I told him to come in with us, but he pointed to his pants. I guess he had his cell phone and other valuables in his pockets. So, the sport of fountain jumping is definitely a good one. So, next time it rains, go jump in a fountain!

The Smoking Fridge

Intriguing, huh? ;-) My friend Janet moved in on Saturday. She was in the dorm before that, but the rest of her stuff came on Saturday. Her roommate, Rachel, their friend Jon and I decided to help her out. Janet and I carried this huge box up the 4 flights of stairs while Jon and Rachel carried the fridge. We get inside and Jon says, "Hey, I think the fridge is smoking!" It was making this hissing sound as the gas escaped. And, it was leaking. So, Rachel and Jon put it down on one of the landings of the staircase. Janet and I dropped off the box in her dorm, and by the time we got back to Rachel and Jon, the smoke filled the staircase! We started making jokes about the gas suffocating us, half wondering if it would. The RA came by and said she didn't want the smoke alarm to go off, but other than that, she really didn't do or say anything. I got some paper towels to sop up the leak, it was an oily substance. Freon I guess! "Hey! We need a moron to fix the freon." Ok, I just made that up. Anyway, it turns out that you are not supposed to put a fridge on its side. Apparently it was on its side before Rachel and Jon started taking it upstairs. Oops! It proved to be a very exciting experience.