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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

If all goes well, my blog should change colors in a little bit. ;-) In other news, today was a beautiful day! Was late to oceanography, on time to history. History is great, my prof is awesome! He starts off each class with a joke. Class just flies by and it is over before I know it! I had lunch with a bunch of friends from Legett, beat people up in Self Defense, and I am so on top of things in my Management class. Then, I had dinner with my old friends from last year from Krueger! Gosh, it was fun. I was laughing so hard during dinner... They were talking about starting an anti-sorority called Alpha Alpha Alpha, or Tripha for short. haha! They said I could join even though I am in a real sorority.

Yay, aggie wrangler dancing lessons start tomorrow! I am so excited. I'm taking lessons with Beau. He is incredible. He has this really awesome accent. I asked Janet about it since she grew up with him in Africa. She said his accent was from "sexy man land." haha! I agreed. She and Beau dated for about 3 1/2 years in high school. I think they will eventually get together again. I just hope he is fun to dance with.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

StarSpin by DownHere:

Surely the heavens declare the glory of God
The open skies proclaim the work of His hands
They never stop putting His knowledge on display
All through the night and through the days
Listen to the stars sing:
We are the dreamers from the other side
We are the dancers who cannot be denied
We are messengers that no one can hide
And there is no language on earth
Where their voices are not heard, they sing:

People, people, surely the Lord lives
People, people, heaven and earth are His
People, people, lift your souls in wonder

The stars watch the sky and angels gather the wind
A call to the loveless, the listless, the dim
The King is alive, the King is alive, the King is alive
Now we are the stars and if we're to shine
We'll hold out the truth, as we give lift up the light
We are worshipers that no one can hide
And there's no language on earth
Where His praises are not heard, we sing


And there's no language on earth
Where His praises are not heard, we sing
Surely the Lord lives
Heaven and earth are His
Lift your souls in wonder, in wonder