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Friday, October 10, 2003

A night of esctasy

So last night was my last aggie wrangler lesson with Beau. We went to the Hall with some friends so we could practice our cool country western dance moves. But, it was way crowded! We waited in line for about 30 min. Even though we didn't get to practice much, I had a blast. It was cool meeting Beau's friends, they are really nice. While I was at the Hall, I ran into a ton of people that I knew including Clarise from H.S. I even ran into Ben. At midnight the Hall plays "Hullabaloo Canek Canek." (Only in College Station) Well, that is when I saw Ben, so I had Beau on one side of me and Ben on the other while we were singing the song like the crazy Aggies that we are. They are so freakin' tall. I even ran into Bobby, a guy I went to fish camp with. That was wild. I also saw Lisa and Bridget, girls from my dorm last year. They are awesome. Since it was so crowded, Beau and I left for Kerri's to go salsa dancing. We had no idea what we were doing. It is very mexican, so I was the whitest girl there! We just twirled around like we knew what was up. So, last night was awesome. I wish it never ended! I love dancing.

Today was awesome, too. Lately, these guys have put up a rope between 2 trees in the Academic Plaza and walk across it. It is a slack wire. My friend Aerin knows them, so we went to try it. It is hard to get up, but once I did I could actually take some steps! Derek said that I got farther than he did on the first day he tried. Yeah, go me! Afterwards, Aerin, Renata and I went to go give blood. The doctor said that my blood filled up the bag faster than anybody else that day. 4:19 minutes. Cool! I started about 10 min. after Renata but only finished about 1 min. after she did. haha!

Ok. I need to study. I know it is lame since it is a Friday night, but that is what college is all about. Party on Thursday night, study on Friday. Kevin, I know you'd get a kick out of that. ;-)

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Haven't updated in a while because I have nothing to say! Hmmm. fancy that.

So, my sorority is playing intramural flag football this semester. We totally lost today! Near the end of the game we decided that as long as we don't lose as bad as we did to Tech, then we are fine. ;-) But, all in the spirit of good fun.

I got free stuff at the business career fair yesterday. I went around the booths with my friend Laura. She is my inspiration! She'd go up to a booth, point to a pen, and say, "Oh, is this free? Can I have one?" Then she goes up to the Toys R Us booth and puts her hands on her hips saying, "Now, I know you have something free for me." haha! We came home with a slinky, plastic cups, water bottle, 12 pens, a frisbee, balls, and a keychain. Crazy! Then, we watched Gilmore Girls that night with our neighbors in Legett. GG was awesome yesterday. Quote of the show, "If you cut off her head, she'll only grow another one." haha.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

Roadtrips are beautiful

Ahhh, Houston. How I love thee. Went on a roadtrip with 3 of my hot sorority sisters. ;-) We had a BLAST! Shopping at IKEA on Saturday, eating at a Tapas Restaurant on Sat. night complete with singing "Happy Birthday" so loud it was obnoxious, clubbing at RNR downtown, sleeping in until 1pm on Sunday, shopping again in the afternoon, blasting Coldplay and Lifehouse on the drive back, driving through the craziest storm of my life, and now here I am.

Lauren and I ate dinner with Ashley and her crazy Mexican family Saturday night. It was her dad's birthday. They are such a fun family. Her mom reminds me of Caroline Rhea and her dad reminds me of Ricky Ricardo minus some of his craziness. Her Aunt reminds me of the mom from My Big Fat Greek Wedding and her uncle reminds me of Juan from Destinos(HAHA!). It was a crazy night. The restuarant was packed and every 5 min. someone was singing happy birthday to somebody so loudly and crazy-like. So, of course I thought we wouldn't do that. haha. When it was time to sing happy birthday to Ashley's dad, we sang it so loud and slowly and screamed afterwards. great fun.

After dinner Ashley, Kelly and I went clubbing downtown. Lauren didn't come because her mom was in the hospital, but everything is ok. RNR was my first real clubbing experience other than in College Station. I was a little scared at first. I'm not all that confident in the way I dance. But, I just pretend that I am and then I'm fine. I just give myself little pep talks: "Ok, Jaclyn. You can do this. Just swing your hips a little and smile. Laugh and just be loose. Ok, good job. Don't be scared. No one is watching. If they are, at least you'll never see them again."

We must of partied hard that night because both Ashley and I slept in until ONE PM! Oh my goodness! We meet with Lauren later to go shopping. It was fun shopping with them because they have their own houses/apartments and it is cute when they look for stuff for their house just like grownups. Awww.

I rode with Ashley on the way back. Lots of fun jamming to Coldplay and Lifehouse. We must of listened to the Coldplay CD at least 3 times. We stopped at Schloski's in C.S. to eat dinner. Out the window we saw some storm clouds coming in. We're like, "Oh, look at the clouds! They are so dark. Whoa! Did you see that lightning strike in the distance? We should get back soon." Oh, but we didn't get back soon enough. It started to pour SO HARD that you couldn't see the curb on the side of the road. The streets turned into rivers with actual WAVES of water flowing down. The roads on campus were so flooded that Ashley couldn't drop me off at my dorm, so she just took me to her place. We were histyerical. Our hearts were thumping so fast and I was weak in all my limbs. "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!" was all we could say. Ashley told me to say a quick prayer and I said, "I already said about 5!" Her roommates told us that there were 5 tornadoes in the area. Ack! We drove on the roads that they were on!

Anyway. I'm back safe and sound. Good weekend. Fun times. Great memories.