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Thursday, October 16, 2003

This is actually a good one from The Friday Five

1. Name five things in your refrigerator.
yogurt, open can of diet cherry soda, hot sause(we are texans, afterall), eggs, kolade jammers.

2. Name five things in your freezer.
bread, ice, bread, ice, bread.

3. Name five things under your kitchen sink.
make up, spilled laundry detergent, bath stuff, pony tail holder, soap dish.

4. Name five things around your computer.
card for my gramma, post-it notes, cell phone, plastic cup from Kinko's, stretchy string.

5. Name five things in your medicine cabinet.
contacts, dry erase board eraser, lotion, face soap, toothpaste.

I am more than a mathmatical equation.
I am more than a chemical combination.
I am God's creation.

This is the reason we keep our dorm room unlocked:

For those that don't know, my roommate is very messy. Her messiness brings out the messiness in me, so our dorm room is always, you guessed it, messy. So, my roommie Melanie has lots of friends from her bible study that come over all the time. Today they were making t-shirts in our room for a basketball game they are playing tonight. The Axis v. Allied powers. :-D I left to go to class. After class I nap in the grass for an hour and then head on back to my room. Melanie was not there, but her friends Mo and Kara were! And, our room was CLEAN! Mo and Kara cleaned our room for us to "bless our day." Awwww.... It was so AWESOME! Now THAT is why our door is always open. :-)

After lunch today I played red rover with my friends. Whoa, red rover with 5 people is great. I was the only one who broke through the chain! That game is dangerous. Ahhh, makes me think of the good ole days of elem. school. Red rover is our new Thursday tradition after lunch at Sbisa!

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

There seems to be a thief among us...

...The RAs threatened to close the kitchen on the 3rd floor because people are stealing food from the community fridge and leaving their dirty dishes in the sink. Ok, what weird person steals other people's food? So far, some roast beef and pizza have been stolen even though there are labels on the food that say, "This is for Suzie! Private use!" Some people just weren't raised right. Also, my friend's bike was stolen. Ok, so she never locks it, but this is A&M! My first thought when she told me was, "Shoot, Aerin and I can't prank her!" My friend Aerin and I were going to toilet paper her bike to her boyfriend's bike when he came to visit. But, they kind of caught us before we could do it. My second thought was, "Aerin pranked her without me!" But, it turns out that it was actually stolen. Hmmm...

I got a 98 on my management class! A 98!!!! A 98!!!!! Crazy. I thought that test was WAY hard, harder than the first test which I got an 88 on. When I saw my grade posted on the web, I literally gasped, jumped, and grabbed my heart. My roommate asked me what was wrong! I am way excited. I called and e-mailed my parents like a little freshman.

Well, off to class. IT IS A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!!!!!! My history midterm was this morning, so now I am FREEEEEE!

Sunday, October 12, 2003

I got a new bike! And I got new shoes! My bike is awesome, it has shocks on it. Crazy. I thought my parents would freak at the price, but they didn't. yay.

I was very productive tonight. I studied a lot of management and I feel so ready for that test tomorrow! I got to hang out with Perneet and Lynda in the kitchen as they were making cookies. Mmmm.... Perneet is sooo cute. I taught her how to play 2 chords on my guitar! 1/2 through studying I went to Chapel with a couple of friends from my dorm. It is right across the street in the All Faith's Chapel on campus. Good stuff.

Well, not much news other than that. I wish more people read my blog. When Kevin and I were talking about some stuff over the weekend, he told me that he is probably the only one who reads it. Boo. I never wanted to face that reality. Oh well! I will still put my heart out to my attentive audience.