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Saturday, October 25, 2003

Rainy Days and Charcoal

So, last Monday I causally mentioned to my neighbors in Legett that it would be cool if we had a barbeque on Friday. There are some grills right outside our dorm that we could use. They loved the idea! I told my roommie about it and she said we should have it on Saturday right before the football game. So, we did! Lindsey and Aerin and I went shopping today for all the burgers, hotdogs, and fixin's. It was so much fun! David did the grillin', and we did the eatin'. Since the BBQ pit is right below my room, I put my speakers on the window sill and blasted my favorite band, THE ELMS! It rained this morning, and it is raining now, but it didn't rain during our little barbeque. Greatness! The burgers were actually really good. And, a lot of our friends showed up. Ah, I feel loved.

Well, I need to study. Haha. I am such a 2%er. I am skipping the football game! I just am not in the aggie spirit today. Plus, it is like 300% humidity and raining. Standing on wet, slippery bleahers a mile high watching football is not my idea of fun. But, it is on a nice day. :-) Instead of watching the game, I tuned into Spongebob and napped. That show is slightly addictive, despite its awefulness.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003


As I listen to my theme song by Coldplay, I think about what I can do to make my life as amazing as possible, as adventurous as possible, as breathtaking as possible, as fulfilling as possible... I LOVE my life right now. I tell people that I am living the dream life. I enjoy every single day. But, things are starting to get down to the wire. I need to find classes for next semester, figure out if I need to stay in business/management, try to fit spanish in the mix of my degree, find out when/where/how to study abroad sometime... I need to figure out if I have to take summer school to catch up with the other business majors, if I can study abroad, or if I can work at a camp. I really would like to do the latter. Some camps are already recruiting on campus. I wish I was a camp counselor last summer instead of sitting at home. I will NOT make that mistake again. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. But, if I do it, I may be behind in my studies. Sigh. All I can do is just trust that God will provide a way for me to do what is best. La vida es hermosa. Pero, donde estoy en la mezcla?

So, sometimes Phi Beta Chi can be the typical sorority....

At our meeting on Monday, we were supposed to discuss the proposed amendments to our constitution which has not been updated in about 10 years. The president of our sorority "fixed" it and sent the new, proposed copy over e-mail to all the members. At the meeting we were supposed to discuss the proposed changes and then vote on them. Ug. We all prepared for a looong meeting. But, there was a motion from the floor to pass ALL the changes at once without discussing them at all. It passed! So, our constitution was fixed in 2 seconds, almost literally. Well, then it came time to vote on the color of our fleece sweaters with our greek letters on it. That took about 15 min.! We all argued about the colors, whether it should be navy, gray, maroon, green or red. Then, after we finally voted on navy, we took 5 more minutes to vote on the color of writing! So, it took 2 sec. for us to rewrite our constitution, and 20 minutes to pick out colors for our sweatshirt. Ah, the dilemas of a modern sorority. :-)

Monday, October 20, 2003

Una poema de Jaclyn

Estoy confundida
No se que quiero.
Vida es muy hermosa,
Pero donde estoy en la mezcla?