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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

AOL doing cartwheels

Guess who finally got IM? That would be ME! So, im me at jumproping jack. Even you, k-dog! :-) Yes, there is a space between the 2 words. The first word is Jump roping. Like, jumping rope? Yes. Just wanted to clarify that since it looks kinda fun-nay.

So, today was a totally beautiful day. First of all, I got about a million hours of sleep. And, I read my literature for my spanish class and I totally understood the whole thing! That rocks. Afterwards while Laura and I studied outside, we spoke in spanish together! Yayness again. But, Rachel did attack me and she sat on me! While we were studying outside I asked Rachel if she wanted to do a cartwheel with me. She looked at me and said,"That was mean! You know I can't do cartwheels!" Then she got up and started chasing me! After a while I stopped, but she didn't so she picked up my leg in an attempt to throw me on the ground. I was laughing so hard I couldn't fight back, so when I fell, she sat on me! I couldn't get up either even though she weighs probably only 100 lbs. Good times, good times.

Monday, October 27, 2003

So, The Rebecca St. James and Down Here concert yesterday ROCKED!

Originally, I was riding with Michele, Sheena and Stephanie. Well, Sheena cancelled last minute and Stephanie decided to ride with her other friends because they were leaving later that we were. So, it ended up being Michele and me. We had such a great time, though! Temple, TX was only about 1 hr and 15 min. away. We blasted our music and sang the whole way there. The church it was at is nice. We had good seats, too. The first 2 bands were cute. The girl who started, Charmaine, had the sweetest Australian accent! The next guy was awesome, a true miracle from God. He is dexlexic and has ADD. He said, "The doctors told me what ADD was but I didn't pay attention. They just kept talking and talking..." haha!! He said, "I think it stands for Attention Defi-- hey, what is that over there?"

I was pumped when Down Here came on. They said, "If you want to experience intimacy with the band, come up to the front and fill in the isles." I grabbed Michele's hand and crawled over the old folk sitting next to me so we could get up close and personal with Down Here! Those guys are awesome and beautiful. Mark has the most gorgeous blue eyes (first thumbnail on the last row). One of the singers likes poetry, so he recited a little poem for us. Awwww... I wish they played longer. But, they had to make room for REBECCA! She is so gorgeous, I love her. Her Aussie accent isn't as strong as the last time I saw her. The people at the concert were crazy. They always sat down during slow songs! But, when her famous "Wait for me" song was performed, Michelle and I stood up. The only ones on our side! I LOVE that song. Then, near the end of her show she lead us in worship. I can't sit down during worship songs. After the concert, I got to take a pic with the Down Here band. Woo-hoo! They know Marty, the girl that Stephanie rode with, so she hooked me up with a pic. Yayness! On the ride home, Michele and I blasted Moulin Rouge. I love Ewan McGreggor even though I can spell his name. "We should be lovers!" Yes, I agree Ewan. Anytime, baby. ;-)