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Saturday, November 15, 2003


Since I was so stressed last week, I think my immune system broke down so now I have the flu. I woke up Friday morning and it was like, "WHAM!" I was hit with the flu baseball bat. It is a wonderful way to end the week! :-P I'm sad about it because I was supposed to go on the PBX spiritual retreat in Houston and then go shopping at the Galleria with my sisters. :-) I was really looking forward to the retreat. I admit since I was "so busy" I put God on hold for the week and was excited about spending some time with Him and PBX. Oh well. As I told Michele, I'll have my own spiritual retreat. :-D My roommate has been the best ever since I told her I was sick. She is taking good care of me! I'm so glad that she has been so helpful. I called my mom last afternoon for some sympathy, but got none. She said, "Go to the Health Center! It is right across the street from you!" Praise the Lord it was so close to me. So, I got out of bed for the first time that day at 3:30pm. The doctor gave me 3 perscriptions. Yay. I'll be taking about 5 pills a day! Joy. Well, say a little prayer for me so I can get well soon! The only good thing about being sick is that it is so boring, that I don't mind reading my school books to keep me busy. Oh, baby.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Ok, so I am freakin' stressed out. The only other time I remember being this stressed is one time during the spring semester in 9th or 10th grade when I told my parents I couldn't go to my sister's concert or something because I had too much to do. I shouldn't be writing now, but I am so stressed, that I can't do anything! Ironic, huh? Here is the down low. Or is it low down? Well, whatever it is, here you go: I register tomorrow and haven't picked out what classes to take yet, can't figure out if I should stay in Business or if I should switch to Spanish, which I hear has a disorganized department, Kevin is moving to California, Daniel still hasn't called(I'm new to this, so give me a break), there are problems with my church at home, and I have no idea what to do with my life. That is pretty stressful. Anyway. I hope all this stress is over tomorrow when I register for classes. In the meantime, it sucks and I could really use a back massage because I am so tense, it almost hurts to sit up straight and type. K. Back to figuring out my schedule...

Awww, so my roommate rocks! Well, she always did. Thanks, Mel!

Yesterday, I bought the scary shirt. I went shopping for a semi-formal dress for Michele with Michele. After that, we got side-tracked. We walk into Vanity, and there it is: the scary shirt. It is red with diagonal black stripes trimmed with gold. Tight at the top, flowing from mid-chest. It stops right about at the top of my pants at my waist, but continues down my sides. And, it is strapless. That is why it is scary. Can I dance in a pretty strapeless top? We will see. We will see...