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Friday, December 05, 2003

So, for those of you who didn't go, Ben's concert last night was awesome! He started playing at 11pm, but Michele and I didn't get there until 11:30 which ended up being a good thing because he didn't start until right about then. The bad thing was, it was cold walking over to Shadow Canyon and we were wearing short skirts! Innocent Michele work a cute black top with a hot pink pleaded skirt and I wore my cute one-shoulder green top with my short jean skirt. Oh, we were quite an attraction. ;-) On the way over there, Michele tripped on the curb and went flying! She broke her shoe and skinned her knee. A guy who worked at shadow canyon ran over to help. He let us in and even got her some duct tape. This ended up being a good thing because I forgot to bring my driver's license! But, since we kinda befriended him, he let me in.

So, there was quite a following there for Ben, but the place wasn't filled up or anything. Maybe there were about 60-70 people. Michele and I sat at a table to watch. Ben didn't start out with one of his good songs, so people who were there to hear the band before him play started to leave. But, he ended with all his good songs that I love! I took pictures because I knew that Ben wanted some for his website. In between one of the songs he was playing, Ben saw me and said, "Hi, Jaclyn, what's up?" from the stage!!!!!!!!! That was so cool! Near the end of his show a guy asked me to dance, and we did. When Ben saw, he was like, "Yeah, go Jaclyn!" Crazy stuff. I'm a groupie now! ;-) He is really good. My favorite songs he plays is Jamie Lee, Gasoline, and, of course, the infamous Pirate Song! yay.

Well, Michele and I are going over to Bri's house to have a post-thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner! I think she's got a 27 lb. turkey. I know a lot of people are coming so this will be fun! Then, we're going to go to Christmas in the Park and then it is Movie Marathon night with my cool neighbors in Legett! And then tomorrow night is the PBX semi-formal! Party on! I don't have to crack open a book again until next Saturday! Sweetness. Peace out, my fans.