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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Food for Thought:

"What if I handed you a $100 bill? Would you take it? How much would it be worth? Hundred bucks. Cool. What if I rubbed it under my armpits? Would you take it? Sure! Cuz how much is it worth now? Same. What if I wadded it up into a little ball, spit on it, threw it on the ground, and stepped on it? Now how much is it worth? Hundred smackeroos. Nothing we did changed the value. It was still worth the same. And free money is good money.

"You are the $100 bill. God sees you as His valuable child. You may have messed up big time. You are still $100. You mave have crumbled up, stomped on, and totally trashed your life. But you are still worth the same today as you were the first day you gave your life to God."

~Justin Lookadoo, The Hardest 30 Days of Your Life.