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Saturday, April 24, 2004


Right now I am torn. To steal, or not to steal. I am in the library on the quiet 6th floor on a Saturday. To my lright are lots of books and study areas. To my left are big letters lying on the ground such as "6" for the 6th floor and there is a clock. Oooo. How cool would it be to have a clock from the library? Or big letters? Hmmm. I can take them without being caught, and without anyone noticing for a while. And, when they do notice, I will be long gone, protected by my incognito. Did I even use that word in the right way? But, then there is my conscience, screaming that I do the right thing. Telling me that my character is determined by what I do when no one is looking. But, the clock and letters are so pretty.... Isn't that part of being in college? Stealing random things like roadsigns, clocks and letters? Well, I guess just because I'm a sophmore doesn't mean I should be sophmoric. I will walk away with my integrity in tack, with the letters still on the floor, and the clock still on the shelf of the quiet 6th floor of Evans Library. Little does my school know the huge favor I just gave them.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Whoa. Don't you love it?

So, my future roommates, Janet Rachel, and I signed a lease to live in this super cool apartment in Meadows Point. It has 2 bedrooms. We tried our hardest to find a 4th roommate, we went through about 4-5 girls, but we couldn't find anyone who wanted to live with us. We were a little sad, but we got over it. haha. We prayed over who might be our future 4th roommate and decided that no matter what God had something good in mind for us. We thought that maybe we'd meet a girl next year who is in desperate need of a place to stay. Anyway, we knew that God would use us. So, last Saturday Rachel's best friend, Bethann, called her and said, "My dad just bought a house, and I want you 3 to be my roommates." Whoa! We were shocked. So, even though we were under a lease at Meadows Point, we decided to look at the house just in case. The house was beautiful and brand-new complete with a fireplace and 2 car garage! So, we sat down and talked with the realtor and Bethann's parents. All of us sat there in shock with our mouths wide open. After we all talked for a while, we all held hands in a circle and prayed over the house and our decision in whether or not to take it. That was so cool. Bethann's mom said that God will give all of us the same frame of mind over whether or not we were supposed to live in the house. Rachel Janet and I decided to pray "hard-core" on our own and then get together later to talk about our decision.

I told my parents about the house, but they were against it at first. They didn't want me breaking my lease to Meadows Point. But, Bethann's dad is going to pay to break the lease, buy us a W/D, and not make us pay during the summer even though the house is a 1 yr. lease. But, after much thought, talk, and mostly prayer, we decided to go ahead and break the lease to our apt so we could move in the house with Bethann! I am so excited. Who knew that Bethann was supposed to be our 4th roommate? All the while we were trying to find no. 4, God was like, "Oh no, I've got something better planned for you. Just chill!" When I told my friend Gracie about our decision about the house she said, "It is amazing how easily pleased we are, just like how you were so excited about the apt before. But, when we give our decision to God, he will totally blow us away and provide for us beyond our wildest dreams!" I thought that was such a cool statement. We think we got life figured out, but if we are faithful to God, he will provide in ways we could never dream of on our own. I am so excited about living with Janet, Rachel and Bethann next year. All of you are invited to come over all the time! :-) I guess the moral of the story is that one verse in Jeremiah that says, "I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to give you a future and a hope."