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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Whoa! So Blogger changed its format! Kuddos.

Here I am in sunny California. It is GORGEOUS here! But, not as gorgeous as the boy I am visiting. >giggle<

All I have to say is that shaving is stupid. Especially for us Hispanic beauties. I got a brand-new shaver yesterday and used it to transform my legs into that of a goddess. (Ok, not really, but work with me here!) About 5-6 hours later, I was already showing signs of unshaveness! 5-6 hours! And society expects me to be smooth all day all night all the time! I shake my fist at you.

hehe. Anyway. Life is good. I'm working at my church and so far it is a blast! I love the kids. I can't wait to start working with them more. They are so full of life and have everything to offer. Mmmm.... Brings out my inner child.

K. Later!