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Saturday, July 17, 2004

Dude.  So, blogger changed its format again.  Man, this is way cool.  I can choose colors, play with fonts, and just do
some fun stuff
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Ok, so I just got back from HONDURAS!  It was freakin' amazing, awesome, and other fun adjectives that start with the letter A.  Can you think of any?  Man, neither can I.  So, it was just amazing and awesome.
I wish I could explain it all in this post.  The Honduran people are beautiful...not necesarily in a physical way, but in a human way.  I can't describe it better than that.  They are so real, so genuine, so grateful for the help we gave them.  For those who don't know, our mission was an "Optical trip".  We diagnosed and provided prescription glasses to people.  We served over 1400 people in five days.  Whoa.  I made friends with the Hondurans there that I will greatly miss: Lucia, Suyapa, and the gorgeous Marcos.  I'll also miss my incredible roommate with an amazing faith in God: Fatima.  (Aren't their names really cool?)  I helped teach people about their new glasses, spoke a lot of spanish(yay!), played Yukor every night with the gang, laughed until I cried, played beneath a 200 ft. waterfall, soaked in the enchanting sights of nature, watched spanish cartoons(very funny), shopped local markets, tried to read a spanish bible(I realized that I have zero New Testament bible verses memorized other than John 3:16!  No bueno!), and made fun of Victor and Andrew for eating "cow underparts."  haha!  I'm just listing stuff because I have no real way to share about the amazing adventures I experienced, the compassion I felt, the richness I witnessed.  The good news is, I'll be able to share a lot more soon as my pictures are developed.  Woo-hoo!
Ok, I'm at the library and mommy is itching to go home.  Adios!