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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Not so random ramblings for the day.
First thing first: WELCOME BACK, AGGIES! WHOOP!

So, my whole world is changing. A week ago I was in Costa Rica. Now I'm in College Station with my new beautiful roommates and my new beautiful house. It is amazing. The house is amazing, my roommates are freaking amazing, and Costa Rica was and still is amazing. I've had a ton of emotions run through me the week in between Costa Rica and now. I think I have felt every emotion invented. It is as if God wanted to do a test drive on someone just to make sure all emotions are still working and choose me for the test. Joy? check. Anger? still working. Confusion? Yep. Sadness? Still there. Happiness? Check... Hurt? we're good.

I just got yelled at by my mom over e-mail about me being a bitch. Yeah, I guess that is true. There is so much running through my mind that I often forget about the people right in front of me. I told my mom that Costa Rica changed me. She says it has indeed. >sigh< I don't want to make excuses, excuses are for sissies. I should have been nicer. I'm real confused with life right now, but I shouldn't take out that frustration on my family. Geez. Being nice isn't always so easy. Even for me. :-D

This summer has been a whirlwind. First I hopped on a plane to see Kevin in Cali. Then I took some summer school and worked with the Jr. High at my church. That was awesome. I love those Jr. High kiddos. The day after my final in summer school I was off to a church mission trip in Honduras for a week. 4 days after I got back from Honduras, I was on a plane to Costa Rica for a month. While my summer rocked my face off, Costa Rica takes the cake, the icing, the whole platter. There is so much to tell about CR. 12 rolls of film to share with the world. Never ending stories to share. Joy to express. Adventures to be told. Tears to be shed. Coming to your computer soon: My website about CR! Keep an eye out.