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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Smokin' hot

So, I smoked my first cigarette Thursday night. Laura, her friend Jim, and I went to check out Studio Lounge, a club near my house. I was dressed all cute to go salsa dancing, but that fell through. The salsa place was closed down! Sadness. So, we ended up at Studio L. It was alright, but I don't think I'd go back. The music wasn't bueno and they didn't have a good dancing area. So, Laura, Jim and I sat at this cool table and just chatted it up. Laura bought a drink since she is 21 now. I didn't know that. Oops! On a dare, I asked this guy if I could have a cigarette. I was trying to be all suave about it. I didn't want to light it while it was in my mouth because I thought I would start coughing, so I tried to light it while holding it in front of me. No bueno. No. 1, it doesn't light like that. No. 2, I looked like a dork, although a cute one since I was dressed up. :-) So, Jim lit it for me. Laura and I shared it.

Smoking wasn't as bad as I would expect. It didn't taste nasty, I didn't cough, it was easy. But, I prefer not to do it again. It was just an experiment. I've had a lot of firsts lately, so I thought I'd add smoking to the list.

I'm off to the football game. BTHO Wyoming!

Friday, September 10, 2004

TGIF: Thank God I'm Female

It is sooo hot here in Tejas. So hot. When I get home from school, I am completely drained and exhausted from the heat. Ug. It is nasty, unrelenting, and the sun is scoffing at our weakness. Wait until the football game tomorrow. It is going to be a scorcher. I guess it is a small price to pay to support the Aggie football team. WHOOP! I really don't have anything interesting to say. I do have some interesting roommates, though. I love their eclectic taste in decorating. We draped red fabric across a wall of our living room. It is beautimous. Our house rocks. You should all come over. I don't care where you live: Ohio, Missouri, Colorado, Michigan, Mass., or Iowa. You should all come hang with me in my cool eclectic house that uses a guitar case as a coffee table. Starbucks has nothing on us when it comes to creating a chill atmosphere. Boo-ya.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Yay for people who comment on my blog!!!

Today was an awesome day. I love my MWF classes. Duwald is funny in Marketing 321. Love his jokes. Told the sweetest story about being "an aggie convert." I thought he was going to cry. Mrs. Darcey let us out of Info 303 10 min. early. Since I showed up 10 min. late, I was only in class for 30 min! Niiiice.

This next paragraph is a shout-out to an amazing woman in my life. Laura! Girl, you are my rock right now. Thanks for being there for me all the time when it is fun, and when it is not so fun. I can't express how much you mean to me! And since I am bad at all the mushy stuff, I'm not even going to try. Just know that I think you are one of the most amazing women I have ever met! I love you!

Hmmm...I feel like some pepperoni pizza. Gillian and Mary would understand.... ;-)

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Denumount: (bad spelling, I'm sure. Liz, help me out on this word. hehe)

So, I talked to Chris Sunday night and it was really good.

The drama is winding down. Yay.

I am late for class. ACK!

Monday, September 06, 2004


Ok. So, I just had the most dramatic weekend of my life. Not sure how much I can reveal on my blog, but we will see where this goes.

Dramatic event no. 1:
Kevin came to visit me this weekend. Yay! But, he came to visit not only to hang out, but also to have "The Talk." The "DTR" talk, as Kimberly says. Define The Relationship. haha. So, we talked on Saturday and mutually decided to break up. At least I thought it was mutual until Kevin started going back on what he said. Grrr, that was confusing. Boys are so silly! Pick one story and stick to it, I say!

Dramatic event no. 2:
When Kevin and I came home from running errands on Saturday, Janet and her whatever, Beau, were home. Awkward! My ex-boyfriend and my ex-crush standing in the same room together. Ack! Beau doesn't know I liked him last fall. Kevin decided to be talkative and asked about when we took country western dancing lessons last fall. Awkward! I kept my eyes down the whole time. Beau said, "Yeah, it was alright." Ouch. Janet was giggling the whoooole time. She was nervous and felt awkward too. She knows I liked Beau.

Dramatic event no. 3:
I broke the only rule that we have in our house. Twice. The "No boys allowed to spend the night" rule. The rulemakers were gone that weekend. Janet didn't come home until late each night. So, it was easy to keep Kevin for the night. But, I fretted about breaking the only rule, about breaking that trust between me and my other roommies. Fretting over being judged, even though nothing happened between me and Kevin. He just needed a place to crash and I was too lazy to drive him over to Mike's to spend the night. Mike was confused, though. Oops.

Dramatic event no. 4:
Chris called me yesterday. Hasn't contacted me since Costa Rica. He called and left a message while Kevin was still over. Ack! I cried when I realized it was him. Don't know why. Kevin comes in and sees me crying and asks what is up. I try to smile and laugh through my tears. Kevin keeps asking so I tell him that Chris just called. All he said was, "Oh..." I was way emotionally unstable, so I didn't call Chris back until later that night.

Dramatic event no.5:
Rachel and Bethan, my roommates, come home from being at Disciple Now in Houston on Sunday just about the same time Kevin leaves for Austin. So, all 4 of us, Rachel, Bethan, Janet and me have a roommate talk and discuss the events of the weekend. Janet shares her drama, I share mine. We laugh, we comfort each other. We cry, we pray. They forgive me about breaking the no boys rule. :-)

Dramatic event no. 6:
Kelly calls and asks if I am coming to work the Phi Beta Chi booth at the MSC Open House. Beacause of all the drama of my weekend, I TOTALLY forgot that I signed up to work a shift. I let my PBX sisters down. I throw on some good clothes and go to the Open House to apologize to the girls at our booth and to check out other interesting clubs I could join.

Dramatic event no. 7:
The VP of my sorority yells at me over IM for not working the booth and for wearing sphagetti straps at our last meeting. I feel bad because she is totally right, but I'm also upset she used IM to communicate to me instead of calling. So, I call her Sunday night to apologize for my actions.

>whew< I am so glad that the weekend is over. :-)