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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Prayer Requests:

1. That we will find the ELMS. We really aren't sure where we are going. Once we get to Le Tourneau, we will listen for the music...

2. That we will not get lost. 8-9 hours on the road in the middle of nowhere is crazy.

3. That Laura's car will not break down. Please pray hard over this one!

4. That Laura and I will stay sane. We are awesome friends, but sometimes we spat.

Thank you soooo much. Your prayers are needed and appreciated. :-D

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Say a prayer because I am going to ARKANSAS this weekend! Crazy! After the Elms concert, my twin, Laura, and I are going to drive to Arkansas to see our friends and their new baby, Davis Jeremiah. We heart Davis! Man, although I am really excited, this is a big leap of faith for me. Arkansas? In one weekend? Holy cow, it is about 8-9 hours of driving. WTF? It is going to be freakin' awesome, though. I forsee much laughter, fun times, and inside jokes, just you wait. :-)

Monday, September 27, 2004

Lottsa love for me.

So, I had THREE COMMENTS on that last blog. YAY! AND, they were all from different people. It isn't like all three were from one person...which does happen. hehe. So, yay for Kevin, "Sloan", and Ashley! I love you all! You made my achievement possible! *roaring applause* I couldn't have done this without you. *tears* I humbly accept the "3 Comments on a Blog" Award! *standing ovation!*

Enough cheese. So, this paragraph is a shout-out to my fabulous friend in San Antonio: BRI! Girl, thank you so much for your kind words and wisdom. God totally blessed me with your IM friendship! haha. We have GOT to see each other soon! I'm thinking roadtrip to San An is definitely in the works.

Now for the happiness: THE ELMS CONCERT IS FRIDAY!!!! YAY! Here is the sadness: I'll miss midnight yell and I was going to maybe be set up with a junior in the Corps which means I would have been on the field. How cool! AND, I was going to go visit Lindsay and David in Arkansas, but there is a home game on Satruday. Or I was going to go see my sis perform in her first band competition, but there is the home game...grrr. All I know is that I'm going to the Elms concert no matter what. We'll see what happens on Saturday.

Oh, and pepperoni pizza now officially sucks. I know only 2 of my friends know what that means and they probably don't even read this, but it still has to be said.

Sunday, September 26, 2004


Screw Blogger for totally deleting a whole post! Poopers.

To sum it up: Stephanie is a dork for not commenting on my blog when she read it! She is cool though for drunk dialing me last night!

Yay for leaving messages on Mary's phone and her leaving messages on mine! She is amazing and is my "teacher." Haha, whatever. "Who's BJ???" Mary knows!

Gillian, I love you! Now, say those words to Jason. He loves you too! You are going to get married and have pretty little kids that you will take to Costa Rica! :-)

Chris, you loser! Call me! I miss you soooo much, you are one of THE most AMAZING guys I have EVER met! Don't leave me hanging.

PETEY PABS you are back in sweet, sweet country USA!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! I can't wait to see your cuteness in f***ing Nebraska!

Nebraska is going to ROCK MY FACE OFF because it is HELLA TIGHT! Peace out my brothers and sisters.




Stephanie is a dork because she totally read my blog and didn't leave a comment!!!

Yay for all my amazing costa rica friends that keep in touch with me! All except for one! >cough, Chris, cough<>sigh<