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Saturday, October 09, 2004

WOO-HOO Revisited

Yay for my crazy friends.

Friends who call me from across the USA,
friends who come to my house,
friends who show me new places,
friends who introduce me to new faces,
friends who IM me,
friends who pray with, and for me,
friends who tell me they love me,
friends who laugh with me,
friends who take roadtrips with me,
friends who live with me,
friends who eat with me,
friends who share mealplans with me,
friends who accept me,
friends who spend time with me,
friends who surprise me.

You all keep me grounded and yet also elevate my mood. Thanks for the smile on my face, a smile you helped make happen. Thanks for the extra bounce in my step, and the joy behind my eyes. Thanks for the Jesus in you-- loving on me. I hope I will do the same for you. :-)

Thursday, October 07, 2004


Colorado Chris called last night! He called when I was asleep, so I didn't get his message until this morning which is almost even more fun because his messages are soooo crazy. I was sitting there next to this girl I didn't know and I couldn't help but laugh my head off.

ISV is here! YAY! That is the company I went to Costa Rica with. It stands for International Student Volunteers. So, Frasier from New Zealand and Thomas from AUSTRALIA are here! They are the coolest guys ever, esp. Thomas since he has that killer Aus accent I love. So, since I'm a "success story" for ISV, I went to their informational and gave a little blurb about Costa Rica. Mmm, talking about it was so much fun, I got a natural high from it, my heart was beating so fast. So fun.

Today is the crazy BBQ! Soooo, this is hilarious. My roommates and I decided to have a BBQ for our neighbors so we could get to know them. I wanted to invite our whole street, but Janet said that was way to many people. I said, "Whatever, it is only 25 houses!" haha. So, we only invited the 5 houses that surround us. THEN, Janet, Rachel and Bethan started talking about all their friends they are inviting, too! Janet said she invited literally about 30 people. Bethan talked to about 10. I think Rachel is bringing in 4. I invited none of my friends because I thought the BBQ was for our neighbors! haha, the BBQ is going to be soooo great, I can't wait! I hope we have a ton of people coming, I'd love that. Hmmm, maybe I'll invite Thomas and Fraiser....

Oop, off to class. Today is a beatiful day! :-D Leave a comment and make me happy.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


First thing first, I thought this was funny: JOhn KErry.

Second thing second: Arkansas was awesome. Here is a quick rundown:

*Made a detour through Shreveport, Louisiana at about 2am Friday night/Sat morning. oops!
*Made up funny acronyms. UALR: Under Alabama's Left Rear! UFI: United Flautists International!
*Took random roadside pictures of a Welcome sign in Palestine, Bo Pilgrim in Mt. Pleasant, and the Fat Cat Blues Bar.
*SAW THE ELMS! THEY REMEMBERED ME FROM THEIR LAST CONCERT! I got to talk to Tom for about 10 min and to Owen for about 15. Great times. We even got Nathan to Whoop with us in a picture!
*Took our sexy model poses in a cool, sheek elevator at Letourneau University.
*Called my cousin friday night. Haven't talked to him since last spring break. He is awesome.
*Literally ran out of gas and had to call the Fire Dept. to come help us. After about 30 min a police officer came with about $3 of gas and escorted us to the closest gas station. This happened around 3:30am on Sat.
*Arrived at Linsay's and David's around 4:30am Sat morning.
*Saw baby Davis! So cute. Got to hang out with the new fam. So fun.
*Their cat peed on my clothes! My pjs, 3 shirts, camera case...that cat must have been holding it for AGES.
*Listened to Maroon 5 three times in the car. Gotta love that band.
*Car danced. Ooooo, lots of car dancing with the windows down at 80mph. Can I get a whoop?

All in all, it was a fun trip. Thanks to Laura for braving the Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas roads with me. Fun times, fun times...

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