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Friday, October 15, 2004


So, Thursday was the most bueno day ever! First it was Maysfest; this big party on West Campus for the business school. There were baked goods, 25 cent pizza rolls, 50 cent drinks, rock climbing, inflatable games, and musica! It was SO FUN! Me and Brian hit up all the games: we mastered that rock wall, the obstacle course and the basketball one. Too bad he beat me at every one! Dang, boys are competitive. :-)

AND, yesterday was OVERSEAS DAY!!!!!!!! I got a TON of info about study abroad opportunites. WHOOOOOP! So, I might be in Spain this summer, and Australia this fall! WHOOOOOP! AND I ran into all the boys I know on campus! It was kinda fun. While I was talking to Mike I ran into Beau and Chatt. And then I saw Bobby at the Study Abroad thing. And this morning I saw EJ at MaysFest.

All in all, it was just the best day! Prayer at the Cube was really good. I love Heather and Kim! Those 2 women rock my face off. OH, and roommate dinner was really good. I made tortilla soup, recipe courtesy of Kevin. My roommates loved it so much, that all the leftovers(about 4 servings) are now gone! haha.

Off to dinner with Phi Beta Chi. We are Gideon! Hear us ROAR! Well, hear God roar, really. :-D