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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Stream of Conscienceness....

Sooo....I just feel like typing whatever. I have no idea what this post will be about. Ooo, the suspense! :-)

Took an amazing roadtrip to Austin. I got there Tuesday night and stayed until 3pm today. Gosh, it was great! I went to Austin to hang out with Kevin and to get away from College Station for a bit. I also went to study. haha! Me and Kevin studied for about 6 hours. It was so fun hanging out at the Mech Engineering building on the UT campus. I tried to blend in. ;-) Then, we went to the drag. Man, it is awesome! Chipotle for dinner, then Urban Outfitters for dessert! haha. Lots of cool vintage shops. There is a lot of flava' on the drag. Roadtripin' by myself was great. Lots of beautiful stars on tuesday night over my car vibrating to the beat of my loud music as I slowly pushed it over 90mph. Man, my car and I are tight buddies.

This week has been an awesome week. The weather has been beautiful. I've been productive. I have a good outlook on life right now and I feel positive about myself. I'm rejoicing in my friend's victories, sorting out my friend's struggles, listening to my friend's conversations, and reveling in my friend's happinesses.

Phi Beta Chi rocks my socks off. I love that sorority. Wow. The girls in it are incredible and innovative, creative, passionate, God-seeking, and just plain wonderful. Mmm. So glad they are in my life!

I'm listening to the goo-goo dolls online right now. I LOVE bands that have live music on their websites. Here are a few that do: goo goo dolls, gavin degraw, downhere, and switchfoot. Downhere and Gavin are my favorites. Downhere practically has their whole CD playing on the website. It is great.

Ok, it is almost 2am. Time for sleep so I can get up and study a little more for my final. Woo-hoo! Peace.

Monday, December 06, 2004

This is for you, Ashley.

So, my cute friend Ashley told me to update my blog. So, this blog entry is dedicated to her! She is one of the coolest people ever. She is so smart and is a hard worker and loves Phi Beta Chi. I love it when she skips Finance to hang out with me, Kim and Stacey in Marketing 321. She has a smile that brightens up anyone's day and a great relationship with a boy who loves her so much.

That is all I really wanted to say. :-) Nah, not really. I might be able to add some more...hope it is interesting.

So, the inner child in me is taking over my life. I watched 4 movies this weekend and today I splashed around in the puddles at school barefoot with my friend, Mike. We even jumped into the H2O fountain. Funtimes! Then, I baked cookies for some new friends today and definitely car danced to some good tunes on the way to the PBX meeting. Greatness.

Now, I have to put my inner child to bed so I can finish working on my group project. We present our project to the class tomorrow. Woo-hoo!

Comment...por favor....I update faster when there are more comments...promise. :o)