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Saturday, January 22, 2005


So...I'm really frustrated. Pressures from school, organizations and parents are already gnawing at my soul, wanting attention I cannot give. I want to see my boyfriend but can't because he lives 200 miles away. People who live close to their significant other have NO idea how crappy it is to be away...I wonder about couples who have always lived near each other. Do they really have what it takes to stay together in the long run? How do you know if you've never been apart? Me and Kevin know. We know that we can't depend on eachother, we have to be independent. We live so far apart. We stand on our own two feet. That makes our relationship even stronger, I think. We don't call eachother 20 times a day just to ask, "Whacha doin?" We support eachother in our activites even though we can't physically be there to support eachother. We understand hardships in a relationship since we deal with them all the time. We understand compromise and true sacrifice. We understand the value of time spent together since it is so rare. We don't take eachother for granted. >sigh<

Ok, I didn't mean to ramble on about that...maybe I shouldn't have revealed so much. I'm just not in the best mood right now...weird because last week was GREAT and I was so happy. I guess my happy tank is running on low.

But, I got to talk to Stephanie tonight from Costa Rica!!!!! Calling her always lifts my spirits. She is always so happy to talk to me! YAY! I miss her mucho. And, Phi Beta Chi rocks my face off. I LOVE those girls, they are amazing. AND I had an amazing lunch with a girl I met from ASC. She is so cool. So, there are good things.

Much love. Leave a comment. Happier and more uplifting blogs are in your near future. Get...excited.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

First day of school SUCKED!

I hear about people who write blogs in the 3rd person, like a story. Well, this is story-worthy. Here goes:

Note: 1/2 way through the story I get tired of writing in the 3rd person and switch back to the 1st. See, I can do that since I'm not being graded on this! bwa ha ha haaaa....

The beautiful princess(thats me!) woke up exactly in time for school. She groaned when her alarm went off, and was slightly sad that today was the first day of the semester. The first day always brings about uncertainies that cannot be answered until the day is actually experienced. What will my profs be like? Will I know anyone in class? Do I actually need the book? Despite these queries floating around the back of her mind, our protagonist tries to get out of bed with a smile.

As she walked the bathroom, she thought her roommates were gone. In fact, one of them walks in through the front door.

"Oh, are you already finished with class?" Jaclyn asked the roommate who walked in.

"...No," Came the answer. This confused Jaclyn because she did not recognize the voice of the speaker.

She poked her head out of the bathroom and sees her roommate's friend who barged in the house without ringing the doorbell or knocking as if she owns the place. She looks at Jaclyn and askes, "Is Bethan here?" Jaclyn just stares at her. "I'm not a receptionist," she thinks in her head.

Jaclyn really likes her roommate, Bethan, but has some issues with her friend. Bethan and her friend sit in the kitchen and talk while Jaclyn silently eats her breakfast hoping the friend will leave. She just stares as the friend rambles on and on about nothing in particular. She wonders if the friend will come over every morning like she did today and steal her roommate, Bethan. She hates that the friend thinks she lives at her and Bethan's house.

Oh well. Off to school. Dang, forgot a watch AND cellphone. Double dang. Even with these setbacks, our brave princess takes the bus to school. She tries to appear calm even though she is nervous about her first day, especially without knowing the time. Ah-ha! The girl sitting across from her remembered her watch! Jaclyn blinks, then squints, trying to read the time on the girl's watch even though it is upside down. Can she do it without the girl noticing? Shoot. Is it 11:05 or 10:35? 10:35. Good. Plenty of time before class starts.

Once in class, Jaclyn looks for someone to sit by. She doesn't see any familiar faces and sits by a friendly-looking girl who is all by herself. Since she likes to talk, Jaclyn started talking. Her new classmate is none-to-pleased. Awkward silence. Jaclyn tries talking again. Girl doesn't care. Bigger, uglier awkard silence. Finally the new classmate notices her friend who just walked in and waves her over. New friend sits next to new classmate and new classmate ignores Jaclyn. Well, that was embarrasing.

Finally, some good news. Jaclyn meets an old aquantaince from last year who is in her next class. They go to class together and feel glad they have each other to talk to. No awkward silences. They talk about the professor who looks scary. He has bushy eyebrows and looks like he has a deep voice. Finally, the scary-looking, bushy eye-browed prof begins class.

What a hoot, the guy's voice is high-pitched. He almost sounds gay. Is he? No, he has a wedding ring on. Still, you never know these days. He speaks to the class in a funny way, but Jaclyn can't put her finger on it. He isn't talking down to the students, but something's a little off. Ah. He talks to his class as if they don't understand English. He speaks slowly with many hand gestures and inserts lengthy pauses at the end of each sentence as he surveys the class for understanding.

After going over the syllabus and after the prof shares about what a hard-butt he but without using those exact terms, everyone thinks it is time to go. It is the first day, after all. Surely he won't keep us for the whole hour and 15 minutes. He can't be that hard-butted...


He drones on for the next hour about stuff we already learned last semester. What is he doing?

"Why do you think the people who wrote the curriculum want you to take this class?" He askes.

You got to be kidding me... The whole class just stares at him blankly. As if someone is going to speak up. The silence lengthens. Finally someone speaks up, "Because they are cruel?" Soft, terrified laughter. How will the hard-butt respond?

He laughes. He raises his hands and against my will I see small sweat stains. ew. Someone else speaks up. The professor jumps on him before the student finishes to tell him he is wrong. Poor guy. No one dared move. The hard-butt continues. He talks about whoknowswhat and periodically asks questions to the class, honestly thinking someone is going to eagerly raise their hand to answer on the first day of school. I tune out and doodle. After a while I tune back in hearing him say, "No!" to every single person who tries to answer his most recent question. He really knows how to get an Aggie down. The class laughs out of spite of him as he almost excitedly shoots down several more people. Finally someone barely whispers the right answer. The hard-butt looks at the correct student and acts as if he can't believe it took someone that long to get the right answer. I roll my eyes and tune out again.

Later, I glance up and notice that his sweat stains are getting bigger. I shudder. Is that possible? Nasty! The hard-butt continues talking about crap acting as if he is this huge know-it-all and that the students should marvel at his presence. We don't marvel. We roll our eyes. He is leaning against the podium. He shifts his bodyweight with an air of fake authority and blinks several times. Definitely has a little bit of a gay factor. But that wedding ring he has on...

After what seems to be 10 more hours, he lets us go, but he keeps talking as we leave. No one pays attention.

I rush to the MSC since I promised to hand out flyers for PBX after class. I'm late because I didn't expect the prof to use the entire classtime to talk about nothing. I hate it when profs talk for no reason other than just to listen to their own voice and waste time. I feel like he should pay me for taking that class! He already took about 2 years off of my life.

I get to the MSC but PBX girls and flyers are not to be seen. WTF? After some looking, I give up and grab lunch inside. It is very empty because the 12th Man closes in about 10 min. All that is left is a chopped beef sandwich. Thats it. I eat alone.

Finally, I get back on the bus to go home to put an end to my miserable day. It takes forever to get back. Longer than usual. I put my keys in my box on the wall, but they just slide and hit the cold, hard ground. The echo nails the enemy of defeat deeper inside of me. I slowly trudge to my room. The house is empty. I log on the computer and pull up so I can write about my sad day so that it will be worth at least something. And so it begins and ends here at the computer.

The end.

Now, leave me happy comments.