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Thursday, February 03, 2005

So...I never finished the story. Basically, the guy who came over was a complete stranger and my roommates called my name because they thought he was there for me. All this time, Janet and Bethan are bedecked in weird makeup since they were playing around for fun. They freaked when they found out that no one in our house knew who he was. But, him and his friend ended up staying over for about 45 min just talking. The next day, the guy who came over was in the school newspaper. Talk about weird...

Monday, January 31, 2005

This is a GREAT story

Since my "First day of school SUCKED" story was a hit because I actually wrote it like a story, I will try that for this great comedic story as follows.

I bow my head over my computer and say a small prayer. Then, I sigh and return to typing out my application to be a camp counselor. The questions are tough and I want to answer them truthfully and realistically as I can. It is past midnight and I need to finish since I have a class in less than 8 hours. I review what I wrote so far, then arched my hands over the keyboard to finish the last few questions. All of a sudden i hear men's voices talking and my roommates in the living room laughing and screaming my name.


"Gosh, they know I have to finish this," I think to myself annoyed. I ignore them and continue working. "JACLYN!" I try to block out their laughter and focus on the screen.


ok, i have to go to class. I will finish this later.

Peace Ouuuut.