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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

So, sometimes I just don't want to be living life like the way I'm supposed to. I remember reading a Calvin and Hobbes comic where Calvin just jumps up during class and escapes through the door. Man, I wanted to do that so badly. But, a 20 year old jumping up from her seat and darting to the door is much less acceptable than a 6yr old fictional boy who does the same. The stereotypes kill me! hahaha.

Lately I've been miserably considering what I want to do in life. I want to study, no, live abroad. But, I don't want to leave certain people behind. I want to experience other cultures but not as a tourist. I want to be in that culture. I want to live in Spain, Costa Rica, Argentina, and Chile. I want to experience New Zealand, Sweden, Denmark, and the UK. I want to know what life is like In Russia and Turkey. I dont want to graduate and climb the corporate ladder like I am supposed to. I dont' want to dedicate my life to some benevolent cause that is out of reach. I just want to live and touch the people around me knowing that they will touch my heart more than I could touch theirs.

I don't want to worry about status and money and prestige. None of that goes with you when you die, anyway. It is just like what my friend, Mike, says. "You aren't getting out alive!" I want real, dirty friendships that ride the good and bad waves. I want genuine conversations. I don't want to talk about saving the world or discuss big literary ideas. I want to experience. Christians, stop just talking about the bible and start living it!

Well, that has been more or less my thought processes these last couple of days. Probably a result of my cold, lack of sleep, and the business career fair I am skipping this year.

Thanks and gig 'em.