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Monday, February 14, 2005

So, I almost got arrested...

Ok, not really. Maybe...well, here is the story.

On the way home from Lindsey and David's house, Kevin and I decide to go down a random road for fun. We drive through the gates of a gated community and slowly drive in. However, there are no houses, only empty lots labeled with small signs with the address of each lot posted on them. The community is under development. At the end of the street we see 2 houses that are under construction. Kevin and I look at each other with a smirk.

I park the car about 50 feet away from both houses, just in case. We walk up to the first house and try the door. Wide open. So, we give ourselves a tour. "I don't like this house very much," I say, "It isn't very spacious even though it looks big." "Hey, come check out the upstairs!" Kevin replies. We work our way through the house, tiptoeing past strewn about 2x4s, dirt, nails, and boxes. Finally, we leave.

Next, we walk down to the other house that is under construction. This one is about finished. It is cleaned up and grass is set down on the yard. The only thing that is missing is carpet, basically. Kevin tries the front door, this one is locked since the house is almost finished. We walk around the house. The side door is guarded by masterlock. Finally, we try the back door from the backyard. It is also locked, but Kevin says, "I think I can pick this one open." I wipe some dirt off of a big window so I can peer inside while Kevin picks the lock. "Wow, this house is really cool, check out that chandeleir!" I exclaim. "Got it," says Kevin as he swings open the door. I step inside. "Wow, I like this house so much better, it is so roomy! Check out the cool ceilings!"

"Wait! Somebody is here!" Kevin fiercly whispers. He yanks my arm and pulls me outside. I close the door and follow Kevin as he runs away. I look behind my shoulder and through the back windows I see a realtor and a prospective buyer walking up to the front of the house.

We run back to the car and drive off, hoping that the realtor will not suspect us. Whew. That was close. :-)