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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Yay! Now you can leave comments! I'm going to re-post the 2 questions I had earlier because I am interested in everyone's opinion:

1. How do you witness/minister to a fellow Christian who is into the drinking and party scene?

2. How do you witness/minister to an aetheist?

Thanks! And, don't forget to VOTE JACOB, TICE AND BUCK FOR YELL! WHOOOP!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Ahem...So, what do you think of the new style?

I have two questions that have been brought up recently in my life. Please leave a comment with your answer, because I am not quite sure of it myself!

1. How do you witness to a fellow Christian who is into the drinking and party scene?
2. How do you witness to an atheist? is good and I'll tell you why. I actually studied today when I didn't need to. Ah! I know, amazing. When you get a 71 and a 79 on tests you thought you aced, it makes you want to study even when you "don't have to." Also, it is Easter season! Church was SO GOOD on Sunday that I am getting a tape of the sermon! I've never done it before. I thought tapes of the service were for old ppl who couldn't make it on Sundays. haha. Also, I got to grow some in my faith over spring break. I had some time to myself to think about things and learn more about God. Coolio.

But also, life is kinda weird. I love my sorority, but sometimes I feel like I don't fit in, I feel like a dork or nerd. There are so many amazing girls in my sorority that I am almost envious of, I wish I could just go up to them and talk to them and be involved in their lives as a closer friend, but I don't know how to do that.

Anyway, that is all. :-) Can't wait til I can go home again this weekend to spend time with my family and my amazing, amazing, and yet amazing boyfriend. Mmmmwah!