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Monday, April 04, 2005

Rebellion sucks

My life will resume after my test is over tomorrow. Yuck.

I really want a good book to read. Any suggestions? The last book I read was The Good Earth and it was awesome. I need another one, though. I need more reading material than just my textbooks.

I decided that I am really bad at being rebellious. Sucks. I was staying in a really nice hotel in downtown Austin for FREE and knew it was a great time for a little rebellion...Didn't really happen. I got the hotel for free because I was volunteering at the conference I went to. It was the annual Amer. Creativity Assoc. conference. I slacked on my volunteer job and took a washcloth from the bathroom, and climbed to the top of the building(there were no rails guarding me from a 20 story drop) but that was it... I wish I got to experience more night life in Austin on 6th street or something. Oh well. Maybe next time?

P.S. Any suggestions on a good read? For seriously.