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Monday, April 11, 2005

Some drama to brighten your day. :-D

Well, one of my life goals just went down the drain yesterday. I got my first speeding ticket. I swore I'd never get one, I'm serious when I said it was a life goal. I was always proud that I was the only one I know that never got a ticket. Well, no more. Here is the icky part. Less than 2 min before I got pulled over, cars were passing me at over 85 mph. They were passing me! I was going 78 in a 70. Well, I guess they saw the police man before me so I'm the one who got caught. I was almost laughing at the irony of the situation when the police flashed his lights at me. I was like, "He's got to be kidding...those cars in front of me were passing me!" I tried to be nice, but the officer wasn't. I wanted to complain that I was the one being passed on the road, but I knew he'd think I was just a whiny girl. Well, fart.

It was a bad way to end a good weekend. Saw Kevin in Austin because he made the "Top Ten List" of why I should visit him and it convinced me. Included on the list were brownies and a home-made dinner! Both were fulfilled. hehe. Kevin made fajitas on Friday and they were so good. On Saturday we had plans to go to a park, but went to a botanical garden instead. it was so pretty! It must have been cactus weekend because they had a room full of beautiful cacti! Kevin and I entered a raffle and won 2 cactus plants! yay! Our first children! I took custody of them, so they are here with me in College Station. hehehe.

Its going to be a busy week. Test tomorrow(last one til finals, WHOOP), Amy Henry on Wed(can't wait for it to be over! oh, the drama), registration on Thursday, and lunch with my prof on Friday. Then, cleaning house on Saturday followed by salsa dance lessons. YAY!

Time to study, so peace out.