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Thursday, April 28, 2005

April 21st Birthday

Here is the story of my birthday...not the typical 21st birthday you'd expect...

Tuesday night at 11:30pm I call Laura because I'm wide awake and bored. We talk and mention that my birthday is in 30 min. She says she'll pick me up at midnight for a little pre-birthday fun. At midnight, Laura and Mary pick me up! We played around talking and watching a movie until 3:30am. When I wake up on the 27th, I'm lying in Laura's bed thinking it is early in the morning. Laura stumbles in the room and says it is NOON! Gah! I just accidentally skipped my classes. Ha, "accidentally"...I would have skipped anyway...

I get a ride home and am alone. Freedom! I take a shower, eat lunch, and open all my birthday cards from family. Then, I take Chaz on a walk to the park to read my book. It was relaxing. Later, Laura and I go to a different park and walk some trails. Then, the festivities began...

"Let's get a drink!"
"Where should we go?"
"Chilies has really good drinks. I like the fruity ones you can get at restaurants like that."
"Cool...aren't they kinda expensive?"
"Lets make our own drinks."
"Lets get some Margarita mix at HEB."

We pick up the mix at HEB and learn that you have to buy rum at a liquor store. Whoa! We go to JJs and find the cheapest rum. It was $6! But, since I forgot my wallet and hence my ID, they made me wait outside while Laura got the rum. I'm so bad at being 21! Its my birthday and I can't even buy my own booze! I paid for it, but couldn't physically buy it. Embarrasing.

We head home to make the drinks. My friend Elizabeth comes to join us. The three of us are chilling and talking about life, taking pictures, listening to music, having a good time. Then, the inevitable happens...

Rachel walks in.

She sees we are drinking and asks, "What are you doing?"
"We just made some drinks for my birthday."
Laura goes on to tell the story about how I couldn't buy my own liquor.
Rachel just stares at us and retorts, "You know you can't have that here, right?"
"You can't have the alcohol in the house. It is written in the lease. Mr. Rogers wrote it in. You need to get rid of it."


Laura is pissed. My heart pounds. Elizabeth just sits there. Rachel leaves to go grocery shopping. We grab my lease and read through it. Rachel lied, nothing in the lease bans alcohol from the house.

I hate how I was confronted on my birthday in front of my friends! (I'm loving the italisizing here) I felt so embarrased and angry. Everything we were doing is LEGAL! Laura said she hates that my roommate made her feel bad for doing something that is perfectly legal. We're grown adults, we weren't getting drunk off our butts, we were just enjoying a drink on my birthday! Elizabeth says we should hide the rum in the Brita. Oh gosh, I'd so get kicked out for that. Instead, I hide the rum in an empty 2 liter Sprite bottle on the bottom of the pantry floor. Great.

Later my other roommate confronts me. "It is ok if you disagree, but do you think Laura can keep the alcohol at her house? I just don't want it to be here."

I was like, "Look. Its my birthday. I'm not a drinker, nor do I plan to be. We just made some drinks for fun to celebrate."

I left the house after that because I didn't want to be around them that night. Way to put a damper on my birthday. Gosh, I don't know what the big deal is. I hate that they talked to me like that on my birthday. If they had a problem, at least confront me alone instead of in front of my friends and at least wait until my birthday is over.

That is the story. Janet thought the whole thing was out of line, too. She said, "Man, I hope they let me have alcohol, soon as I turn 21 I want a beer everyday!" Way to go, chica. If anything, I hope that happens just to avenge my birthday. :-)

On a positive side, Rachel did apologize. So, for now, we're good. Just 2 weeks left til I move out.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

21, baby!

Happy birthday to me,
happy birthday to me
happy birthday to sexy meeeeeeeee
Happy birthday to me!