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Saturday, May 14, 2005

San Antonio

Went to San Antonio with Laura after finals were over just because we could since we weren't accountable to anybody! WHOOP!

All I have to say is:

*At least 70 dead lovebugs on my windshield
*Ran out of windshield washer fluid because of all the bugs
*Self Storage
*Laura picking her nose
*Montana Mikes
*Darth Vader in Burger King
*The Alamo!
*Riverwalk boat tour. Whoop!
*The longest mullet of your life!
*Stealing a picture and then throwing it away (felt real bad...)
*Laura making eyes with a guy in a band
*Guy in band comes to talk to us after show!
*Guy in band not as cute close up
*Spending the night with Bri and Jared, they are getting married in 2 months!
*Big pimpin' gerbils
*Getting trucks to honk at us
*Making tons of wrong turns but still making it back to A&M on time. (yay)

It was a great time with my sis, Laura! Whoop! Thanks so much for being spontaneous with me!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Free money!

I got a check in the mail for $1000 from a scholarship I got and I know exactly what I'm going to do with it! Part of it will go towards a video camcorder(is that what they are called?) and the rest will be put away for my trip to Europe with Teresa! Woo-hoo! I'm STOKED! EXCITED! ESTATIC! GIDDY! SQUEAKY WITH GLEE! Whoop!

I just have
to say that my sister is

My sister is frappin' awesome. She is so independent, socially gifted, crazy smart, has a streak of rebelliousness(kinda), gives awesome advice, supports me and Kevin(thanks so much!), is a good friend, really pretty, loves God, loves A&M, is fun to talk to, not my "little" sister anymore(tear), keeps her word and commitments, and encourages me in everything I do! I'm so lucky to get a 2 for 1 deal when she was born: a sister and best friend. She makes me proud and laughs real loud! haha, I just said that because it rhymed...I'm the one who laughs loud. Anyway. I just was thinking about how cool she is and just had to post about it. I was going to insert an inside joke right here but I can't remember any. Do we have inside jokes, Teresa? Ok, here is one: Ffffffffff--ART!

Austin with my best friends

Went to Austin this weekend as usual to visit Kevin, and Laura came too! Whoop! It was fun, and I think Kevin enjoyed it most of all! (not that I didn't, mind you) He really liked showing off his town. We went to a cool coffee joint Friday night that reminded me of Costa Rica and then to an awesome store called Toy Joy. Wow, that place rocks! It is full of vintage toys, toys from my childhood, foreign toys, and everything else random in between. The store even boasts a Jesus action figure! At midnight we headed to videoke to show Laura what it is all about. Kevin acted out Gollum and it was AMAZING! He won 3rd place. Then, Laura and I found the guts to act out a scene from Zoolander. Very scary and we sucked!

Ah...Austin. My future home, I hope. Saturday was full of video games and shopping on the drag at sweet vintage stores. Buffalo Exchange is where its at. It is like Plato's Closet except better because it is in Austin and ppl in Austin dress way cool! We went to Chipotle for dinner on Sunday night and I was real proud of myself because I knew where it was! I'm getting to know my way around! Score.

I took 1 final today at 8am and have another at 2. Funny thing is, my 8am final was supposed to be tomorrow, I came during the wrong section! haha. I'm glad I took it early, though. Now I can focus on Buffa's final on Wednesday. Yuuuuuuck! Then I'll be home for the summer. *sigh* I hope I don't pull my hair out. We'll see. Sister of mine, you better help make this summer rock and keep me from going insane!

Oh, just FYI, I might be in Maryland or Florida next year! ;-D