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Saturday, May 21, 2005

My Rant on Mass E-mails

Why is it that when people go abroad, they feel entitled to sent out tons of mass e-mails to tell everyone about their life? I got a mass e-mail from my friend in Berlin. Well, she isn't even really my friend anymore. We haven't talked in months, so why does she think I'll be suddenly interested in her life now she is in a different country? It isn't like the e-mails are all that exciting, either. It just stuff like, "We just got here. Weather is nice. Went to the bank today." Umm....ok. I do that in Texas thank you very much. My friend in Japan wrote everyone an 8pg word document about his experience. I think it is kind of arrogant. I should have written back an 8pg word document about my life. Later, I wrote him a personal e-mail asking simple questions like, "Are you fluent yet? When are you coming back?" He wrote back and said, "Its all in that e-mail I sent." WTF? You send out an 8pg e-mail to everyone that took an hour to write and think that gets you out of writing a 2 second personal e-mail to someone who is actually interested? Give me a break, you aren't the president.

Writing e-mails to your friends and family is fine if you are abroad. Just be sensible about it. So you are abroad, good for you. The rest of us have interesting lives, too and we don't send out mass e-mails to tell everyone about it. If you have prayer requests or needs, then I'd welcome an mass e-mail like when my friend was a missionary in Spain for a summer. If you are a close friend of mine...well, that still doesn't mean you can sent mass e-mails, I'd expect personal ones! Maybe then I'd appreciate stories about your trip to the bank. Maybe. Otherwise, save it for someone who your momma.