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Monday, May 30, 2005

Haha, Oops

Whoa. My last post sounded really angry and bitter! I didn't mean to sound so harsh. Oops. My apologies. But, I've gotten about 10 e-mails so far from that girl in Berlin. Its worse than spam.

My sister graduates in 2 hours. Wha! My whole family is in town: my beautiful(and I mean beautiful) hispanic cousins, the white cousin, 2 of our aunts, 2 of our uncles, our gramma...way fun. It has been crazy at our house! I just bought a sweet sweet video camera this weekend. I've always wanted one. I said, "Just being friends with Laura is reason enough to get a video camera!" Next year is going to be a riot! Whoop!

Man, this is a boring post even though life has been far from boring since I got home. Its weird to see my sis "all grown up." So weird. What happened to my "little" sister? I miss her! But, my grown-up sister is way hot and she is cool to hang out with. I try not to treat her like the little sister, but I really want to...

And, the boring post continues... I miss my housemates. I miss Bethan's sweetness, Rachel's smile, and Janet's style. And I miss Chaz's howl. "Brrraooooooooooooooowwww!"

I've been painting a bit. My professional artist of a cousin liked my work. That made me proud. I think I'm better at it than I think I am. You think? haha.

Ok, I'll end this rambling. Sister graduates in T -minus 1 hr. and 36 min. GAH!