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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Politically incorrect

I might be stepping on really shaky ground here, but I've been thinking about this a lot lately and it made me mad in a weird way and I just need to say something to sort it out in my head.

Yesterday on the front page of the FW Star Telegram I read a headline about a woman who threw her newborn baby in the trash can. She wrapped him up in plastic when it was 2 days old and dumped him in the trash. Because the baby was deprived of oxygen, he will be mentally retarted for the rest of his life. The mother faces life in prison. I was mad. How is this any different than abortion? How come this woman faces life in prison when 1,000 others killed their child too without anyone taking notice? Is America that blind? How can we point fingers and call this woman a bad mother, insane, horrible, when millions have done the exact same thing but just in a different way? What makes this so different? Oddly, I felt deep compassion for this torn mother. What she did was wrong and grotesque, but please tell me why do people think abortion is any different/better. How can they look the other way when an unborn baby is torn from life and then go and judge a desperate woman?

I'm late for class. I hate summer school, it sucks. My teacher is psycho. She personally called eveyone in the class last night to warn them about a pop quiz tomorrow. Who does that? Not to mention that drivers in Arlington all have a death wish and they are out to kill me too. hehe.