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Monday, June 27, 2005

Don't wanna be a grown-up

I hate how my inner child picks fights with my inner grown-up. My grown-up self tells my inner child self to pick up my room and to shower more than once a day. My inner child sticks out her tongue and continues to read her book on the hammock outside. Finally when everything can't be put off any longer, my inner grown-up picks a fight and screams at the inner child to get things done. The inner child protests and drags her feet to do the tasks she was meant to do a long time ago. After the tasks have been completed, my inner child and grown-up still aren't on speaking terms. They are both hurt by the course of actions and need time to think.

Do you ever feel like that? I do.

I put off paying my credit card bill, sending in my driving record to the court from where I got a ticket, sending my newly married friend her present, and checking my tire pressure. Finally things blew up in my face...literally.

As I was driving to class in the fast lane on the freeway, I heard an airplane go overhead. After a few seconds, the airplane sound was still overhead. "It hasn't passed yet?" I thought. Finally, to my dismay, the airplane sound got louder and my car started shaking. I looked in the rearview mirror on my door and I couldn't see the images of the cars behind me because it was shaking so much. The airplane sound was growing louder and scarier, especially on the left side of my car. I was too scared to pull off in the shoulder on the freeway, so I took an exit ramp even though I thought my car was going to explode. I slowly pulled into the McDonalds on the side of the road even though my car was wobbling and my back left tire was practically blown apart. I was thankful no cars were behind me. Once in a parking space I sat still, refusing to turn off the car and acknowledge the fact that I have a blown tire. After a few minutes, I opened my door and looked at the tire. Yikes. Then, I called my mom.

She was calm and sent dad on his way to rescue me. "Oh no..." I thought. But, he was surprisingly calm and didn't cast any blame on me. He told me he loved me several times. I waited for him to reach me and I felt like a pathetic no-brain girl as my daddy changed the tire for me. I half wanted him to make me do it myself, but was relieved when he did it instead. I tried to look like I was helping instead of standing by confirming everyone's notion that girls can't change tires. My dad sent me on my way with his car. Thank goodness I lived and didn't get hurt. Thank goodness I didn't hit anyone on the freeway in my panic. Thank goodness my dad didn't find fault in me(yet) and rail me in the hot McD parking lot. The railing might yet come, though. I wait anxiously for when I go back home. Strength. Must have strength.