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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

100 Things part 2

Here is a continuation of something bloggers have been doing. This is the next 25 random facts on my list, look below for the first 25. :-)

26. The movie coming out called "40 Year Old Virgin" makes me sad. What has our culture come to?
27. On the other hand, "Wedding Crashers" was a riot! I love Owen Wilson...
28. Sometimes at school, I pretend I'm somewhere else, like Spain. Just to make life fun.
29. When I really wanted to study abroad, a stranger told me, "It isn't where you are, it is who you are with that makes a difference."
30. Gilmore Girls is THE best show.
31. I hate shaving. The benefits only last for about 3 hours once the bleeding stops. Its retarded.
32. I like getting dirty outside. I like the way a light sweat feels on my skin.
33. I hate that my sister got a full ride to A&M because of how many scholarships she won. My parents wrote some of her winning essays.
34. I love ginger.
35. I like earning and spending my own money instead of making my parents pay for things.
36. I'm really bad at being rebellious. Once I wrote someone else's name on the bathroom stall chalk. (in the 3rd grade, I promise)
37. I don't like TV that much.
38. I weigh a lot more than I look....seriously, guess how much I weigh.
39. Its hard for me to spend money when I know people in other countries get by just fine on much less.
40. This is one reason I'd love to live abroad for a while.
41. Why do people think divorce is the first answer to problems in marriage?
42. Even though I'm not married, I think the secret to marrige is compromise.
43. But, if you do get divorced, I think you should cut it off completey. One of my prof's was still "good friends" with her ex and sometimes when she told stories about her current husband, she'd mix the two up. WEIRD.
44. I hate how the media portrays Christianity. How come religious figures in movies are either really stupid, naive, ugly, old-fashioned, or all 4?
45. And how come religious figures of other religions are treated with the utmost respect in the media?
46. I love contridictions in food: crunchy yet soft, hot and cold, sweet and sour.
47. Blowing bubbles is good therapy.
48. I love wandering around unfinished constuction sites.
49. My new shoes have velcro on them instead of shoe laces. Welcome back to 2nd grade!
50. I'll buy a PS2 long before I'll buy an iPod.

Stay tuned! :-)