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Saturday, August 20, 2005


Tuesday night Kevin asked me to stay with him could I refuse? :-) We were in Wisconsin for his family's annual reunion. There were 26 Levy's in all from grandparents to cousins and uncles and aunts and friends and pets. From 80 yr. olds to 4 month olds and every age from every walk of life in between. Tuesday night Kevin and I decided to go camping out on a sandbar in the middle of the river. We set up house, explored our little island and built a campfire. We were so proud of our successful fire lit by a blowtorch that we danced around it for a bit. Then, we sat down and talked. We talked about life, how we have grown over summer, and our philosophies. Well, it was me doing most of the talking. ;-) Then, somehow we got to the subject of marriage.

Kevin said, "We need to talk about what we're going to do sometime."
"Is now a good time?"
"Would you marry me?"

Then, we fell into all sorts of giggles. During that conversation, I was scared and had a lump in my throat. We didn't even look at each other until he said, "Really?" hahaha. After he asked we got up and ran on the sand towards the moon and swirled around each other dancing and giggling. 2 days later we told his whole family and I called mine to spread the news. At first I was scared and nervous, but now I can't wait!

Monday, August 15, 2005

100 Things part 3

51. I don't like sarcasm. I've noticed that people hide behind sarcasm. They are afraid of revealing their true selves, afraid of being open, afraid of judgement, so they use sarcasm as a shield.
52. I like to get to know people, really get to know people and their dreams, passions, struggles, desires, and philosophies. This is why I don't like sarcasm, I want to get to know you!
53. Keith Ferrazzi is my new hero and idol. Hottest businessman alive, ladies.
54. I don't like cynical/sarcastic t-shirts. Some recent examples: On a guy: "I'm only here for the lap dance." On a girl: "Naughty boy! Go to my room."
55. I'd love to open my own restuarant. My 2 ideas:
55a. A restuarant called "Cube." It would look like that TV show Hollywood Squares, but in each square would be a table to eat at. At night, the restaurant would be a dance club with real dance music like Salsa or Meringue, not bump n' grind crap.
55b. My most recent idea: A restuarant called "Mismatch" serving sandwiches with mismatching breads. Why not have white and wheat bread for one sandwich?
56. Alcohol is grossly overrated.
57. I think people use alcohol as an excuse to do things they would like to do being sober. Like, "I want to make out but I can't just make out with a random guy...unless I'm drunk because then that is my excuse for what happened and no one can say anything."
58. Alcohol is NOT an excuse. A drunk decision is still a decision.
59. Love is a decision, not an action.
60. God is always closer and more in control than I think he is. hehehe.
61. Our generation does NOT know how to dance. Watching older generations dance is awesome, they are the ones with the real moves.
62. I love playing games. Its one thing my Jr. Highers taught me this summer. Games are awesome! They get people to put down their shields, loosen them up, build relationships, and it is just clean, pure fun.
63. I love wearing skirts. Especially long flowing skirts to hide my unshavenness!
64. I like jewerly. I used to love necklaces more than anything, but now I'm getting into bracelets. I got a kickin' bracelet in LA this weekend. I can't wait to show it off! It is AMAZING.
65. Spanish music rocks. I just bought my first REGGAETON CD!!! :-D
66. Warehouse Music is the best place to buy CDs. Usually I get popular used CDs for $9.99. I got the brand-new Coldplay CD for only $13.99. The reggaeton cd was only $11.
67. I like my hair, but not my most recent haircut.
68. I miss playing the flute.
69. I wish I kicked ass on guitar.
70. Cursing is fun sometimes. I don't like people who overuse it, though. Get a better vocab!
71. One thing I learned this summer: being vunerable is strength. Let people see you as a human being.
72. I'm going to bring the word "gnarly" back to Texas from CA. And "ratbag" curtesy of Australia.
73. I hung out with photographers who work for Maxim and Playboy at the GK conference in LA. They were so interesting and awesome. They also bought me and my friend over $100 worth of drinks Saturday night.
74. I met a guy who plays for the New York Mets in LA. He gave me his number. He was good-looking but creeeeeeeeeepy.
75. I love being friends with people completely opposite of me. Enter Ashley, a fellow A&Mer at the conference this weekend. She is 22, married for 2 years, model quality, crazy party girl, completely non-traditional(her wedding consisted of 3 people on a beach: herself, her groom, and the officiator. thats it), and Wiccan.