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Friday, August 26, 2005

Thoughts on marriage

I hate it when people tell me that marriage is just a piece of paper. Two people have already told me that. They meant it in a positive way somehow, but I hate it. Marriage is NOT a piece of paper. That is like saying your highschool diploma is only a piece of paper. Or your Aggie ring is just another piece of metal. How can people trivialize marriage that much? How far has our society gone in that it can claim that there is nothing to marriage except a piece of paper legally saying you are together? If marrige isn't a big deal, then why do people change their names? THEIR NAMES! You change your identity when you get married! Marriage is a beautiful, lifelong commitment. It is more than love. It is a commitment to cherish, respect, uplift, encourage, support, and love through better or worse. It is a commitment to a future together, a commitment to raising a new generation together. A commitment to push everything else to the side for the sake of the one you love. People, marriage is meant to show us the relationship between Jesus and the CHURCH! Now that is not just a piece of paper. Marriage illustrates how Jesus cherishes, respects, uplifts, encourages, supports and loves us through better or worse; and its mostly through worse. No matter what we are still beautiful to Him. Just as a human marriage ought to be. Marriage is NOT a piece of paper. That is like saying an Olympic gold medal is only a necklace. Try pulling that one off next time you see Michael Phelps. He'll tell you that is bullshit and I agree.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

100 Things part 4

76. I have the coolest friends ever.
77. I have the coolest roommate ever.
78. Farmer's Patch is the coolest place to shop for produce. Kim and I went today and the guy gave us $10 worth of free fruit: 2 peaches, 2 apples and some grapes. It was awesome!
79. I want a princess cut diamond for my engagement ring so I can be the Princess Bride!
80. Kevin still thinks I'm cute even when I whine and complain to him. Now that is love.
81. He also thinks my hiccups are really cute. It makes him smile. haha.
82. The word "sexy" is way overused. Since when was poker sexy?
83. I just got my first commission!!! Laura is paying me $1.75 to make her a painting. I'm SO excited!
84. I love entrepreneurship. I think I already mentioned that. Being an entrepreneur is amazing and awesome. I love the creativity.
85. I don't like car commercials or mascara commercials. I don't know why, but I just don't like them.
86. I really want to buy a PS2. If you know anyone who is selling theirs for cheap...please tell me!
87. I love Mary Kay makeup. It is all I wear. It is the BEST!
88. My dad used to be a stunt pilot. He did barrel roles.
89. My cousin, David, is the president of Sigma Chi at the University of Minnesota.
90. My cousin, Lacey, is a paid artist in Chicago
91. I LOVE Jamba Juice! It is sooo amazing. They have the freshest and tastiest citrus smoothies. Mmmm...
92. I love colors. Really. Especially bold colors like passionate red, citrus orange, bright yellow, colbalt blue.
93. My favorite band is The Elms.
94. I'm really excited about painting something for Laura. I'm also in the works of painting the NY skyline for my sister.
95. I spit. I hate swallowing it, so I'll spit on the ground like a boy. But, I can't form the little balls they do. How do guys do that?
96. I like meeting new people a lot. Kim and I met our neighbors today and brought them cookies. They are all very different. We live next to the old bachelor upstairs who likes harleys, smoke, and obviously porn since there was some on the wall...the shy asian guy who wouldn't let us see his girlfriend who lived with the cute college girls across from us who seem to be pretty normal.
97. Kevin wants to take a Yoga class with me when we are married. cute! I want to take dance lessons.
98. I'm really into stripes right now.
99. I think it would be cool to be a Mary Kay consultant someday.
100! Shopping at stores like Goodwill and Big Lots is awesome. I bought a dining table and chairs for a total of $45 this summer. AMAZING!

So, this list probably isn't the best. It is 1am and I am dilerious. Oh well! Night.