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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Jaclyn's natural highs:

Natural highs are the small moments in life that lift up your spirit. No money or drugs required. :-)

1. Puns, ones that just happen on accident like, "trying on clothes wears me out."
2. U-turns
3. Car dancing by myself
4. Hearing a good song I haven't heard since high school
5. Sore muscles from a workout
6. A light sweat from a workout
7. Running into friends on the way to class
8. Blasting my CDs
9. Unloading the dishwasher
10. Missed calls/voice messages/text messages
11. The all-traditional snail mail
12. Compliments, whether I am giving or receiving one
13. Learning about myself. Ex: I learned that I love small business over summer
14. Reading a good bible verse that just speaks to you personally.
15. Having a really good, deep conversation
16. Hugs
17. Starting conversations with complete strangers
18. Running into my sister on campus
19. Working out with Laura! Holla!
20. Understanding and liking my classes.
21. My velcro tennis shoes.
22. Clean, shaven legs.
23. Painting.
24. Walking barefoot, even when my feet get dirty.
25. Saving money.
26. Telling people I'm engaged.
27. Being myself instead of hiding behind a socially acceptable mask.
28. Looking through my newly developed photos.

Those are what I can think of now. Maybe more will come later!