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Friday, September 09, 2005


I loooove my Jonny Depp poster...

Other natural highs I thought of:
Paying with the correct amount of cash
Wearing skirts
Changing my make-up
Hearing other people laugh
Watching Gilmore Girls with friends
Anything related to Phi Beta Chi
Looking at my Jonny Depp poster
Getting calls from Kevin
Crossing off items off my to-do list
Playing video games with Kevin

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Ripping and burning

Here is an actual e-mail conversation I had with Kevin today. Its great.

Me: What does it mean to rip a CD???? Need to know. Gracias.

Love ya,
your fiance

Kevin: In layman's terms, ripping a CD means to take it off a CD and put it on a computer. A little more technical way to say it is that you take the .wav format file off of the CD and convert it into an .mp3 format. The action of converting from .wav to .mp3 is called "ripping". .wav file format is very large where as .mp3 is much more sutable for large volume file storage. The quality of .mp3 is therefore lower, but its hardly noticable. That explanation should answer most test questions, hope it wasn't too much.

your fiance(finance)

Me: you are so smart and I love it.

All I want to do is copy my CD onto the computer(Windows Media Player) so I can listen to it without putting in the CD all the time. Will ripping the CD accomplish this or does it ruin the CD???


Kevin: yes it accomplishes it, and no it doesn't ruin the CD.

Me: YAYYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you

you'd think a word like "ripping" would mean it ruins the CD. haha. I thought it stripped off all the info on the CD...such a violent word...haha

Kevin: haha, no, it totally makes sense. Anyone would think that. With burning and ripping being such integral words in using a computer its suprising they don't also use "tearing" and "mangling"....though the words "kicking and screaming" come to mind often.

Me: ohmygosh, i'm putting that on my blog...:-D

Kevin: awww, lol, i'm flattered.

ahhhhhh, isn't he great?

Monday, September 05, 2005

Skirts and oil

Today must be National Pretty Skirts Day and I missed the memo. I wore jeans. I swear at least 1/2 the girls on campus were wearing skirts today and I wanted about 1/2 of those. I saw so many cool skirts. I need to know where these chicas shop.

My daddy has been helping Huricane victims in Dallas. I'm so proud. College Station is hosting about 300 people at Reed, the Lincoln Center, and a church. I'm going to try and see if I can volunteer some time. I'm excited, I hope I can do it! When I went grocery shopping I was thinking about what it would be like to lose everything. I mean, everything. Car, computer, bed, furniture, clothes, jewerly, keepsakes, books, tv, guitar, momentos. Wow. On the one hand, it would be cool to start a fresh life all over again. On the other, it is expensive. I can't imagine.

Looks like I had nothing special to say on this post. Oh. Gas prices. I know we have the technology to make cars that don't run on gas, so why are we still dependent on oil? Why don't we switch to the cars that don't need it? It would be more efficient, cheaper in the long run, and better for the Earth. I guess we are still using oil in order to protect the industry. Thousands of jobs would be lost if we stopped using gas, including my fiancee's dad. But, still... I'm sick of using up the Earth's natural resources at such an incredibly rapid rate. Surely it isn't good to use up millions of years of oil in a century...